Monkey #1 is a STAR!

5 Jan

Kindergarten has been treating Monkey #1 very well. He is reading and writing actual words. Not just words like MKJELEWSKITSCHOLOOO. Seriously, spelling and sounding out actual words. While this makes it more difficult to spell out obscenities talk in code with The Man, it is a good thing. I mean, he is well on his road to literacy!

Now he has been writing things like:


We are still working on spaces and punctuations, but you get the idea. Progress.

A few weeks before Christmas he was chosen as the Star of the Week. He was pretty pumped about it. We filled out an interview form all about him. We wrote him a letter about what makes him a star  to The Man and I.

Then, we got a book chronicling his week as star. In it was 23 pictures and letters from his classmates.

Pictures and letters like this –

Monkey #1 is WOEFNIL!

I am assuming this meant to say ‘Wonderful!’ But, I don’t know. There could be alternate meanings that I am not hip to as a parent. You know, scary things with double meanings to keep the parents out, like texting, silly bands, and these.

Then there was this…

Again. I am assuming the word scribbled out phonetically as ‘BOEFIRID’, is supposed to be BOYFRIEND.

I haven’t met her, but she must think a lot of herself if Monkey #1 is merely a star because of his affiliation with her.

But, given the picture of them together (with the HUGE grins) they must be happy. Right?

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