One more mile…

29 Jun

Do you know what 1630 miles feels like? With 13 people, driving straight through?

Or what 2,782 miles feels like? By yourself, on multiple planes, over your 7th wedding anniversary and your birthday?

I do.

I have spent so much time traveling lately, for fun and for work, that I have not had any time to write here. So, instead, I created a fun little graphic that shows an artist rendering on my state hopping activities. Afterall, pictures are a ton more fun to look at.

No applause is necessary, for my AMAZING graphic skills...

(I feel kind of bad for neglecting the east and west coasts…oh well, next trip!)

Because I left for my first trip in early May, and Trip #1 and Trip #2 are already completed, let me entertain you in bullet form and photos of highlights from my trips…

Things I learned during/from trip #1 –

  1. It always takes longer to get there, than it does to get home.
  2. Becoming a vet requires a lot of time and effort and money. Congrats to my little sister for making it through – and getting a job!🙂
  3. Being in the vehicle with all the kids is not as much as fun as one might think…in fact anyone who thinks it is fun is messed up.
  4. Places that are mountainous are very unaware of the steep grade of their roads and driveways.
  5. Fun fact – scorpions are non-lethal in Tennessee, but that doesn’t make them any less scary.
  6. A pack of coyotes attacking its prey in the valley near-by was a very awesome and frightening experience.
  7. Tubing can be fun, despite water temperatures being in the 50’s. After your butt goes numb, you can laugh about it. And, laugh as other people in your party get stuck by rocks and roots.
  8. Brakes are extremely helpful when trying to get down from the top elevation point. Not so much on the way up though.
  9. Said-brakes will smoke and smell if you don’t shift into a lower gear.
  10. A group of people wearing orange shirts attempting to do a photo-opp will create a scene.
  11. Moving someone cross-country is a lot of work. No, scratch that, the distance doesn’t matter. Moving someone is a lot of work.
  12. Despite our youngest son, Crash, being a souvenir from Orlando, no children will have the nickname Knoxville…

Crash really doesn't have any fear...(the rocks were huge!)

The Smoky Mountains really were smoky...

Things I learned during/from trip #2 –

  1. It is amazing how great friends can just pick right up where they left off. Even more amazing, is getting to meet a dear friends children and hang out with their family, while missing yours back home.
  2. My midwestern body is not equipped to handle temperatures of 94 degrees – at 11:30 p.m.
  3. Swimming (or rather standing/laying in the water interacting) with Beluga Whales, named Otis and Luna is eye-opening.
  4. Making guacamole table side is the only way it should ever be done. (And served with a Prickly Pear Margarita – and calling it lunch, would be preferred!)
  5. I remembered the Alamo.
  6. Learning to read Spanish, while reading a recipe for Chocolate Flan was pretty cool. (And the dessert was delicious, too.)

    I'm touching this particular case, size doesn't matter!

What are you doing on your summer vacation?

2 Responses to “One more mile…”

  1. seekingelevation July 31, 2011 at 1:57 am #

    You ever coming back?

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